The Casc Antic of Barcelona at the end of the 19th century. XIX became the center of artistic activities of the city. It was in this area where some of the most prestigious Arts and Crafts schools of the country, the Academia Belles Arts Sant Jordi, later Llotja, the Massana school, the centers of artistic practice Cercle Sant LLuc and Royal Artistic circle, drawing and painting academies Maldà, Tàrrega, Quatre Pintors, San Vicenç and the most prestigious exhibition halls Pares and Artur Ramón. Also it was born the Four Cats, cradles of artists and Intellectuals of the artistic movements of the time: Modernism, Noucentisme, Avantguardes, etc …

Picture: Acadèmia Maldà of Barcelona

L’Acadèmia Artsantcugat wishes to continue transmitting the classical method to its students, to its modern facilities located in the center of Sant Cugat, in the same way that it has been doing at the Academia Maldà, for more than 30 years With the painter Francesc Riart at the head, disciple of Ricard Tàrrega.

Now in Sant Cugat, very close to the Monastery and specialized shops and Art Galleries. It is a privilege for us to be able to develop our activity in this city and its surroundings so much related to the arts and the painting from time immemorial.