L’Acadèmia ARTSANTCUGATwas born with the vocation of making learning of classic painting and painting survivefollowing the tradition begun in the nineteenth century by the schools and universities of Art, who formed their students in the trade of drawing as a basic tool to develop in their future artistic careerDuring the twentieth century, and gradually, this classical method was abandoned before the emergence and adoption of languages that are more typical of abstraction, which were imposed, through the innovative movements of Avantguardes. Its influence persists even now and there are many who have devoted themselves to art, renouncing figuration and therefore learning.

“But for many current artists, every time
more diverse sectors, we have become indispensable
learn how to draw a rigorous way following
a method that ensures us to achieve success…”

Comic book and storyboard draftsmen, Concept artists and Film designers, Mattepainters, Tattoo artists, Special effects makeup makers, and so on. A whole new batch of artists who, although they will not work with traditional techniques, either by computer or on the skin, need to be trained in the trade of drawing; Study the human figure, the portrait, learn artistic anatomy, the laws of nature, the perspective and learn from classical techniques.

“New technologies are a tool
More work, just like we talk about charcoal,
Oil or water, talk about Photoshop. La base
It is the same for all disciplines …”

The ARTSANTCUGAT Academy wishes to continue transmitting the classical method to its students, in its modern facilities located in the center of Sant Cugat, in the same way that it has been doing in Barcelona for more than 30 years.

Now in Sant Cugat, very close to the Monastery, of the specialized shops and Art Galleries. It is a privilege for us to be able to develop our activity in this city and its surroundings so much related to the arts and the painting from time immemorial.