We begin to lay the foundations of the profession from early ages.

There is no minimum age to begin to draw and learn, but to be able to enter the school we have established the minimum age of 8 years, because at that age the student is prepared to reach the resources and Tools necessary for the learning of the classical method. However, we have had students of lower ages who have shown sufficient maturity to be able to adapt to the learning system.

The theme is adapted to your age; We work on elements of nature, plants, animals, etc. MANGA or comic animation characters, and other topics that motivate them to strive to achieve a good result. We also work naturally with horse and with charcoal. We introduce the color with dry techniques; Waxes, colored pencils and pastels.

Classes for children and young people from age 8.


Tuesday to Thursday from 5:00 p.m. At 7pm.
Possibility of other shifts between weekdays or Saturday mornings, depending on demand.
Recovery of missed classes.
Reduced groups.
1 weekday (1:30 p.m.) 69€
2 days a week (3h) 105€